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Step 2: Training & Diet

Functional and dynamic training combined with your custom built healthy diet program.


Your tailor-made road map to success.  Exclusive to Body By Design.

Step 3:  RESULTS!

Results tracking and our own at-home DVD's keep you accountable and motivated!

If you've made it this far, you might already be on the way to a new you!  Let us help you achieve your dreams!

At Body By Design, we understand what it takes to change your body and your lifestyle.  It's not just about losing the weight, it's about keeping it off!  Well that's what we specialize in.

We understand that in order to create a healthy lifestyle and permanent results we need to start replacing bad habits with good ones.  We've developed PROVEN methods that GET RESULTS quickly.  We are the BEST at personal training and boot camps in Brookfield and Milwaukee and we're proud of it!  If you've failed in the past, we promise this will be your last stop!

These amazing stories of success come from people just like you.  In fact, you could very easily become one of our next members to reach their goals and inspire others.  Please read a few and see if any of their stories relate!

Success Stories

Welcome to body by design!

body by design offers the absolute best best brookfield personal training, Muskego Personal Training, musekgo boot camp, milwaukee personal training, waukesha personal training, brookfield boot camp, milwaukee boot camp and waukesha boot camp available.  This means almost every zip code including 53186, 53045, 53005, 53151, 53122, 53188 and 53226

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