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For starters, our amazing workouts became just one piece of the puzzle.  We had to address and include the other pieces it take to get real, permanent, results.

At Body By Design you will begin with our ReDesignU Blueprint.  This is the meeting when we face your goals head on and design the program that will get you there!

Next we create your custom healthy eating plan.  How you are fueling your body is an extremely important piece that many other places just quickly brush through.  We develop a slow and steady process to start replacing bad habits with good ones to encourage you to eat healthy for the rest of your life! 

After the plan has been established, the workouts begin.  Whether you are doing private training, group training, or a combination is up to you.  We will work with you to create the perfect training program to fit your needs.  In addition, you will have access to other supplemental classes like yoga and meditation, which come complementary with your program to drive results!

Finally, you be given all of the support you will need.  We understand that not everyone has a great support system outside of themselves.  We're here to be that support system.  Our staff looks forward to keeping every member as motivated as they were the day they signed up!  We'll keep you accountable by tracking results on weekly basis and setting goals for the next week!  We offer our exclusive ReDesignU Support meetings where you and others like you can talk about what's working and how to change what's not.  Lastly, part of your ReDesignU Blueprint will include an at-home workout DVD that is filmed by us at the Body By Design Facility with your favorite trainers.  This will come in handy during vacations or time away from home!

Each one of these steps are as important as the next.  That's why it's all included with your program!  You might be thinking to yourself, "Wow all of that is included with my program?  Must be expensive!"  NO WAY!  In fact, we are one of THE most affordable solutions in the area. 

Why spend time or money somewhere that only gives you one piece of the puzzle?

Time to get started.  If not now, when?

Let's start from the beginning, when we were simply a personal training company, much like most of the places you may have looked at or have been a part of before stumbling upon us.  We were able to give our member's amazing workouts every time they came in, and they were happy.  However, we wanted to be more than just a workout solution, we wanted to be a BETTER LIFE solution.  We wanted every member to experience how it feels to truly be healthy and happy.  We wanted GUARANTEED RESULTS.  In order to do that, we realized that we had to evolve.  And we did. 

The first thing we did was build an amazing team.  We recruited the top trainers and nutritionist in the area who had been making waves in the industry because of their ability to get their clients results and quickly.  Next, we compiled our years of experience and expertise to develop a step-by-step PROVEN process that is customizable for each member's unique goals and ability levels.  This resulted in the ReDesignU Transformation Program being born.

Who are we?  What do we do?

So how did we evolve?  How are we different from the rest? 

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