​"Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork"

​Whether you're trying to lose weight, tone muscles, lower body fat percentage, or even run a marathon, how you fuel your body is extremely important.  There is no "cookie cutter" diet that will work for everyone.  We understand that our members have different goals, therefore they need to have different diet plans.  We also understand that each of our members have different lifestyles, some of which might make it difficult to make the right choice all of the time.  Whether your cooking for a family of five, out for a business lunch, or on a well-deserved vacation, we'll have the solution for you.  We'll teach you how to make the right decision, even when your not in your normal routine.

​Since we know how much a strong eating plan helps you reach your goals, it's included with every membership.  You'll also have access to our "ReDesignU Support" classes where we'll tackle different obstacles that arise in everyday life.  You'll get expert advice from our fitness coaches, as well as tips and encouragement from other members who have similar goals and who face similar challenges.  We all have a few bumps in the road, it's how we overcome them that matters.  

Our goal at Body By Design is to teach you how to eat healthy by slowly replacing bad habits with good ones.

We don't want to put you on a crazy weight loss diet that's difficult or near impossible to maintain.  We know that once the weight is off, you'd like to keep it off!  Learning how to make the correct choices for a healthy lifestyle is the key.   

Using our exclusive "Healthy Eating Plan" we take a close look at your current diet and slowly introduce changes based on your unique goals.

​no crazy diet fads. just healthy eating.

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