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Connie Kuchler - Event coordinator

"I am lucky enough to be the event coordinator at our Muskego and Brookfield locations.  I love bringing people together to have a good time.  We all friends and family that ask us about our classes and this is a way they get to try it for free.  I like being able to help you bring in someone that you want to share the experience with.  You know, ‘try it before you buy’ type of thing.

My goal is too let as many people know how great BBD is and we are not just a gym but a close family with our trainers and our members.  I don’t know of any other gym that offers events like we do.  I like helping us stand above the rest.

When you see me, I am usually smiling (sweating) but smilingJ.  I love doing the boot camp classes and the personal training.  I’ll see you in class!"

Alex Mowbray - personal trainer, boot camp coach

"Fitness is truly a passion of mine!  Whether it training myself, or helping people reach goals they never thought possible, fitness has the power to change 
lives and I just love that about it.  

I love teaching group classes like boot camp, kickboxing, and HIIT training, but I absolutely love the aspect of one on one training and developing a unique plan for each one of my clients and helping them reach individual benchmarks!

I'm high-energy, positive with my encouragement, assertive, and confident that together we WILL reach your goals!"




Kat musni - personal trainer, boot camp coach, BA, ace cPT, ACE HEALTH COACH 

"It would be safe to say I have enough energy to power a small town, you know, for a week or two, maybe a year. If the apocalypse comes, whether it's zombies, aliens or anything in between, I'll be ready. 


Hi, I'm Kat! I want my zeal for a healthy lifestyle to translate over to my work because I want my clients to be excited while sweating their butts off. I don't believe that having fun and working out should be separate things. I want everyone, no matter what fitness level you start off at, to feel empowered, energized and a little wacky.


Let's meet your fitness goals. Let's gain definition. Let's feel amazing about transforming our lives. And most importantly, let's work that booty. Don't stop, get it, get it!"



Lauren davey - customer service, front desk

You'll find Lauren at the front desk checking you in for classes, personal training session, or keeping the place squeaky clean!  

​Her great energy, positive attitude, and quirkiness make it pleasure to step into the gym each day!   Be sure to say hi and she promises to remember your name! 

mylie & brock, security team

"We are Body By Design's own security team!  Although we monitor the comings and goings from an undisclosed remote location, we will come running if we sense any funny business... or if we smell something tasty!"


If you ever encounter this dynamic duo, beware of excessive licking!

samantha link - personal trainer, boot camp coach, yoga instructor

bs, nasm certified, ryt-200 certified

"I aspire to a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle, which
fuels my drive for purity and a true sense of self-satisfaction. I apply these
traits to my training and teaching of Yoga. My aim is to help individuals not
only reach their fitness goals but also to exceed personal goals involving the
body and mind. I believe that finding one’s inner self is possible by living an
active, healthy and balanced life. 


Exercise provides all individuals with an increased natural
endorphin level. Improving your fitness level is essential to moving in the
right direction and my workouts focus on exactly that. Maximizing your
strength, flexibility, balance, body tone, and cardio fitness, will produce a feeling
of mental clarity that will help in all aspects of life.


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a
degree in Journalism, emphasis in writing/editing and a minor in political science."

Joe Anklam - Personal trainer, boot camp coach

"Athletics are the aspect of my life that truly have shaped me into the person I am today. Sports and fitness have always been a major part of my life, dating back to my first steps as a child. I was throwing a football before I was even speaking. As I grew up, athletics made me a very goal oriented person. I was, and still am today, always working to make myself faster, stronger, and overall healthier so that I could improve my performance in the various sports I played.
Once I graduated high school, I knew I needed to find a way to replace the enjoyment I had gotten out of training for sports. So, I began to my own research and really find out how I could achieve my healthiest, happiest me. This is where my love of fitness itself really began.
Since my initial curiosity, I have learned so much about nutrition, different training styles, the human body, and more. Every day I continue to hunt for new information and learn as much as I can. The learning process is never ending.
As I began seeing results with my own health, so did others. Friends, family, and former classmates began reaching out to me, asking how my training was so successful, and how they, too, could find this same success.
It was during this time that everything changed for me. I had found my passion. Helping others achieve and exceed their goals and ultimately reach their best physical and mental health is what motivated me; and still does today. My new goal in life is to see others succeed in every way possible, and I believe my purpose in life is to help them achieve that.
I am always seeking out new ways to challenge my clients. I look to fast track them to success, but in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable in the long haul. With the guidance and accountability I offer, matched with your hard work and desire, you can achieve all of your health & fitness goals. As my former clients can attest, I will give my all to get you where you want to be in life. Your success is my happiness."

justin plesnik - personal trainer, boot camp coach, ryt-200 yoga certified

"I truly have a passion for helping others achieve their full potential.  I strive to motivate others to become the best version of themselves as possible.  I always start from the beginning, finding the root cause for bad habits.  From there I create a specific and detailed program design to correct those bad habits and create new and permanent good habits.

I am an expert in rapid weight loss and have had great success with helping many people achieve their dreams.  I like to practice what I preach as I maintain a tough but fun personal workout regimen.  I enjoy putting my clients through difficult but always achievable training sessions using many different disciplines to change the routine and keep things fun!  

I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee pursuing a degree in both Kinesiology and Psychology."

alex mariani - personal trainer, boot camp coach

"Helping others achieve the body of their dreams is my passion.  I love not only to motivate clients with high energy workouts, but also to awaken an inner motivation to make the commitment to strive to reach the furthest extents of their potentials.  Every human being on this earth has the ability to become a pinnacle of physical fitness.  My aim is to help as many people as I possibly can to become just that.

In my personal exercise routine, and my clients alike, I love to incorporate many different and diverse disciplines of exercise.  This allows me to provide clients with engaging and fun workouts that maximize the amount of calories burned.

I am effective, I am efficient, but most of all I am extremely personable.  I live to be an influence of positivity on others and I love to elevate the moods of those around me.  

If you are serious about getting and staying fit, I will make it happen."

carly chertos - personal trainer, boot camp coach Nasm Certified


What defines my training philosophy is my belief of mental toughness and balance from within. Life is filled with ups and downs, transformations, and moments of redefining yourself. You may not always be able to control what is being thrown at you, but you can always take control of how you respond to life’s hurdles. Fitness is my outlet to show individuals how powerful they really are.

 “It’s not whether you fall down, it’s whether you get back up.”

I take pride in designing personal training sessions that are not only mentally challenging but also personalized to the client and their specific fitness goals. Together we challenge the mind, strengthen the body, and find balance in nutrition.

I  focus on dynamic, functional, body moments that cover all planes of motion; with an emphasis in power, control, balance, and stability. I have found this exercise philosophy has been the most well-rounded approach for results. In addition, I offer support in nutritional counseling and educating the client’s mind into understanding how to fuel their body.


I am an athlete and coach at heart. It is my passion and purpose in life to enhance the lives of others through physical exercise.  As a college soccer player at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee I learned that their is power in perseverance, dedication, determination, and hard work. Every day is an opportunity to re-create yourself and the habits that define you. The most powerful thing you can do is have the courage to re-create yourself.

“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is taken over my temporary defeat.”   

                       Meet our brookfield team!

Our team consists of some the top personal trainers in the Brookfield and Milwaukee areas.  We use our 40+ years of combined experience to create some of the most amazing and cutting-edge workouts in the industry.  We work together like a well oiled machine to problem solve and find solutions whether it's breaking through plateaus or coming up with the perfect program design for you!