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Our body transformation programs keep your workouts fun and exciting every step of the way. We offer a variety of personal training sessions and group classes (including weight-loss boot camp, yoga, and cardio kickboxing) to help you achieve your goals.

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Personal trainer

One-on-one personal training sessions are private, targeted, custom workouts with someone to hold you accountable.

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Yoga instructor

Improve core strength and flexibility through yoga to accelerate recovery time and burn calories.

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Cardio kickboxing brookfield waukesha muskego milwaukee

Cardio kickboxing will teach you the basics of kickboxing with a fun and challenging exercise.

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Our small group weight-loss boot camps are fun and effective workouts to shred fat 7 days a week.

Your blueprint is your customized training and diet plan tailored to help you meet all of your goals, both short- and long-term.

Stay fit at home and on the go with our selection of hundreds of training videos made by our trainers at the gym.


Looking for the best personal training and weight-loss gym near you? You've found it! At Body By Design we do things differently. Joining our gym isn't signing up for an access pass to a workout facility, it's signing up for a 360-degree lifestyle redesign. We have the best track record of any gym in the area for massive results in losing weight and keeping it off. While signing up for a membership at any gym could help you lose thirty pounds, it takes a different process to lose 100. This 360 degree lifestyle approach is the reason why so many of our members have been able to completely redesign their bodies and their lifestyles.


Our proven process to help you design your body is what sets us apart from any other gym. No gyms around spend as much time one on one with their clients to fully understand what you want and what you need to improve your health, boost your confidence, and attain your goals.

Free body composition analysis meeting


A thirty-minute meeting with the gym owner to understand your goals and understand what it will take to get you there.

Personalized workout fitness diet plan


We will go over a customized workout and diet plan designed specifically for your body composition and goals.

personal training and group fitness programs


Meet your trainer and get enrolled in one-on-one programs or group fitness classes that will push you towards achievement.

workout check ins weigh ins body composition analysis accountability


Record your progress on a weekly basis using our body composition analyzer. See your results and stay on track towards your goal.


You may be skeptical about trying a new gym because other gyms haven't worked for you in the past. That's totally understandable, so instead of hearing it from us, listen to what our members have to say about us.

"The other gyms didn't work..."​

Watch this video to learn what we do differently.

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our transformations

We have a strong record of not just improvements, but massive transformations. No other gym in the area has such a strong record of members losing100+ lbs so quickly.

Nicole D, 29

Lost 120lbs in 1 year


"Before I began my weight-loss journey my life was about food. I loved food so much that it was the one thing I was thinking about all the time..."


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Rob S, 32

Lost 80lbs & 12in pants size


"I was scared to be judged, mocked, or to fail one more time. From the moment I walked in the door at Body By Design, it was clear that something was different..."


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Erin A, 28

Lost 100lbs in 1 year


"A year ago climbing 3 flights of stairs made me cringe. Fast forward a year and I just conquered climbing a mountain in a 15 mi Spartan Race..."


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Dave H, 52

Lost 70lbs in less than a year


"I was one double cheeseburger away from 300lbs. Now I can do 55 push ups in 2 minutes. We did all this while dealing with my previous injuries..."


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