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In 2012, the first Body By Design gym was founded out of a church basement with a single mission in mind... to change lives.


Joey Huber understood that to truly redesign your body, you need to redesign your lifestyle. Today, our gym boasts hundreds of testimonials from people who have changed their lives and their bodies for good.


Our mission isn't just to help you lose weight and gain muscle, but to change your daily habits so you can attain and maintain the body and life you always dreamed of!

How We Create So Many Transformations

As a gym with the goal of truly changing lives, we knew that we needed to do more than just build a conducive workout facility, we needed to truly spend time with each and every guest that comes in through the door so that we could begin to understand the journey ahead and how to get there.


Unlike other gyms that just sell access passes, our members get the attention they need to set goals, build a roadmap to get there, receive the one-on-one training and group effort motivation to get there, and the check-ins to make sure they stay on track. It's not the conventional approach to running a gym, but to achieve unconventionally high results, you need to do things differently.


This is how we've transformed so many people's lives in a lasting and meaningful way. Keep Reading below to find out how to get started.

We have a four-step process to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.



A thirty-minute meeting with the gym owner to understand your goals and understand what it will take to get you there.


We will go over a customized workout and diet plan designed specifically for your body composition and goals.


Meet your trainer and get enrolled in one-on-one programs or group fitness classes that will push you towards achievement.


Record your progress on a weekly basis using our body composition analyzer. See your results and stay on track towards your goal.



Step one is to sit down with the owner of the gym for an initial discovery meeting so that we can fully understand what it is that you want to accomplish. Do you want to lose 50 pounds, 100 pounds, gain muscle, increase endurance? What are your specific goals? After understand why you're here, we'll take you over to our body composition machine that will tell us exactly what is your body fat percentage, muscle composition, and other statistics necessary for the blueprint.



Now that we have a destination in mind for where you're going, we're going to map out the path that it'll take to get you there. While other gyms may give you a workout program, we go above and beyond by enrolling you in a 360 degree lifestyle change approach. Our blueprint for your success is a personalized roadmap for what workouts you need to do in the gym, a diet plan to make sure you're losing weight at a healthy weight, and workout videos designed for you by your personal trainer so that you can keep up with your workouts when you're at home or traveling.



We have the largest selection of personal trainers of any gym around. What this means is that instead of pairing you with whichever trainer is available, we make sure that you get a trainer that fits your personality and has a strong track record of helping others with similar goals succeed. From here you'll begin your training program and follow the blueprint designed for you to achieve the results you came here for.



Nothing will motivate you more than seeing yourself progress through a body transformation. Each week you'll weigh in on our body composition machine so that we can see exactly how much fat you've lost, how much muscle you've gained, and how much closer we've gotten to achieving your goals. By measuring your progress every week, we will be able to make any necessary changes to your blueprint immediately, so that the results never slow down. Remember, what you have to do to lose your first fourty pounds will be totally different than what it takes to get to 100lbs.

Our way of tracking your results

We use the most advanced technology available to track the way your body is changing. It tells us exactly how much fat, muscle, and water that you have and where it is in your body. Come in and try out our medical grade body composition analyzer for free to find out where your areas of improvement are.


Join us for local events and programs with the community!

Our members don't just join our gym to change their bodies, they join us to change their lifestyles. We pride ourselves on building a community of people that work out together in pursuit of their goals.


By hosting community activities, we have been able to bond people together and create friendships with people that will be able to motivate you on your lifestyle journey.



Joey Huber

Founder and owner of Body By Design in Brookfield. 

Jake Huebner

Co-owner of Body By Design in Muskego.

Jeff Huebner

Co-owner of Body By Design in Muskego.