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Alex Mariani - Personal Trainer & Boot Camp Coach

Helping others achieve the body of their dreams is my passion.  I love not only to motivate clients with high energy workouts, but also to awaken an inner motivation to make the commitment to strive to reach the furthest extents of their potentials.

Every human being on this earth has the ability to become a pinnacle of physical fitness.  My aim is to help as many people as I possibly can to become just that.

In my personal exercise routine, and my clients alike, I love to incorporate many different and diverse disciplines of exercise.  This allows me to provide clients with engaging and fun workouts that maximize the amount of calories burned.

I am effective, I am efficient, but most of all I am extremely personable. I live to be an influence of positivity on others and I love to elevate the moods of those around me.  

If you are serious about getting and staying fit, I will make it happen.

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