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AMANDA PICORD, Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Coach, & Nutrition Coach, Muskego

Manda is a Registered Nurse by day, Kickboxing Instructor and Personal Trainer by night (and weekends)! At Body by Design, she specializes in kickboxing and nutrition.

She grew up with the bloodline of a ninja and charm so sweet it’ll give you diabetes; thus, her boxer nickname, "Cupcake.” 😊 She’s been in martial arts since she was 5 and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. While she’s been a Kickboxing instructor for 2 years and a personal trainer for 6 months, she’s been a nurse for over a decade. She currently helps manage 2 wellness and weight loss clinics in the area, so her passion for health and wellness encompasses all aspects of nutrition and fitness! However, this passion isn't just from a professional level, but also a personal one. From 300 lbs, she found a community who supported her in losing 130 lbs in 18 months. She understands the physical and emotional struggles of weight loss because she’s been there.

Manda has a positive outlook on life and loves to bring that to her classes and training sessions. She is a high energy trainer who views exercise as a gift to our bodies rather than a punishment. She loves to help people gain confidence and strength while losing body fat and self-doubt. She can’t wait to have fun working out with you!

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