• Clark Varin

BBD Challenges Me Even As A College Athlete!

As a college athlete, finding a gym to come home to and feel a part of was difficult.

That was until my sister, Jaimee, introduced me to her new gym -- BBD! Now, I love coming whenever I can and truly appreciate how welcoming the personal trainers, clients, and whole BBD family all are!

The boot camp workouts are amazing -- a great combination of strength, cardio, and even agility that I have absolutely seen pay off for me on the basketball court. The trainers are intense and energetic but caring and sincere all at the same time.

Even when it feels like you're working hard, they somehow find a way to encourage and push you even more.

The BBD gym is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or advance in their sport. I'm so thankful for BBD and can't wait to stop in while I'm home for Thanksgiving!!”

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