• Clark Varin

Body By Design Is A Family... and Saying That Comes From The Heart

It’s hard to believe that I began my journey with BBD 2 and a half years ago. I was only staying long enough to complete my Groupon. That’s what I thought anyways but the trainers and clients made it such a wonderful experience that I didn’t want to leave. I know you have read that most people are thankful for their BBD family (clients and trainers) and I couldn’t agree more! If you really stop and think about it, for all of the clients to say that about one place, that really shows it is coming from the heart.

I love the challenge that the trainers give me each and every day. They see my weaknesses and help me overcome them and/or work around them.

There’s never been any criticizing, doubt or judgment from any of the trainers; only continued support and inspiration.

I can honestly say, I never get bored with any of the Bootcamp classes or the personal training sessions. Jake - you never get mad with me for arguing with you (which I don’t think is a lot but I’m sure you would disagree). I love that you push me to try new things and the amazing feeling of accomplishment once I overcome the doubt in myself. I love that our sessions can be heavy lifting to cardio and anything in between. Thank you for putting up with me and for being my main trainer! Grabiel - I absolutely love learning Muay Thai kickboxing from you (being able to hit you is just a bonus)! Your passion about this sport comes out in your training and that makes me want to learn more and try harder. Thank you for your patience with me and the intense workout sessions. I am so thankful for Body By Design, my gym family and my trainers!!

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