• Clark Varin

Gained 30 Pounds of Muscle At 62 Years Old

Six years ago, at age 56, my doctor ordered me to exercise due to a medical condition. Prior to exercising at a local fitness center I weighed 150 pounds. I began a regular workout routine that consisted of weight machines and walking on the treadmill.  Three years late, I felt I was not getting enough and I decided to work with a personal trainer.  

In 2012 I met Samantha.  She personalized the workouts to fit my needs and goals.  Within the last three years my overall fitness level has increased.  I am doing things I never thought possible.  I feel stronger; my balance and endurance has improved.

Now, at age 62, I weigh 180 pounds and feel great.  My current doctor said my health is excellent.  Thank you to Samantha for believing in me!"

- John B, 62

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