• Clark Varin

Holly Lost 80 Pounds and Counting! (29 yrs)

The beginning of 2013, health issues, giant-sized portions and my extremely sedentary lifestyle all contributed to me hitting my heaviest weight ever. A trip to Mexico to celebrate a wedding made me realize how bad it had really gotten. Walking from my room to the beach took a ton of effort...then walking on the beach – it was like walking in knee-deep mud! My decision to make health and wellness changes happened on my plane ride home – when I was too big for the seat belt & had to request an extender. I was completely embarrassed!

I started at Body By Design with Boot Camp and had great success.  Then, my success was really amplified when I started personal training with Alex in October. I like to joke around and compare the trainers at Body by Design like some of those famous trainers out there – but all kidding aside, Alex is amazing. He really is the strong, supportive trainer.

Alex is the guy who fully believes in you before you even know that you are someone who is valuable enough to put effort forth let alone believe in. Alex has been the most supportive trainer for my needs and where I am in my journey – not only with fitness, but on all levels.

Since I started Body by Design I can do things I never thought possible. I can now successfully perform dead lifts and box jumps – I can flip a tractor tire around the gym and pull myself from laying to standing using a rope – all things that I never imagined I would even attempt – let alone be successful! I know that my journey is far from perfect, but every step has been my own and I have fought for every pound and inch lost.

I know that without Alex, Carly and the other trainers at Body by Design, I would have not lost the 80 pounds (and counting).

I realize that I still have a long road ahead of me – and a lot of personal records to smash. This journey is far from over for me. If there is one thing I know, I can tell you that I have found a group of people who are completely committed to my success – unconditionally."

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