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How Does A Body Composition Analysis Machine Work?

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

The single best way for you to understand your body make up--where your fat is stored, how much muscle you have, and how much water you retain--is with a body composition analyzer. This device works by sending harmless electrical impulses throughout your body.

The machine is then able to understand the makeup of your body based off of the speed that the impulses travel through your body. For example, the more fat you have, the slower the signal travels because fat is an electrical resistor.

The benefits of measuring your body composition is that you can more clearly understand where you currently are compared to where you should be or where you want to be.

At Body By Design, we use the Body Composition Analyzer to help our new clients set their goals before they begin the ReDesignU Transformation Program.

Our Transformation Program is a personal training, dieting, and lifestyle change regimen that has helped dozen of our clients lose up to 100+ pounds within a year.

Due to the information provided to use from the Body Composition Analysis at the beginning of the session, we are able to fully understand where your body’s strengths and weaknesses are. We’re then able to design a customized “Blueprint” for what you need to do in order to shed your fat and gain more muscle.

Additionally, we use the Body Composition Analyzer to help our clients check in with their goals. There is no better way to keep someone motivated than to show them how their body is transforming over time. This is a huge reason why we’ve been able to help our clients attain their goals faster and more efficiently than any other gym in Wisconsin.

Want to get a free Body Composition Report or learn about our ReDesignU Transformation Program? Click here to try it out and you'll also get a free 7 day pass and personal training session.

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