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How I Was Able To Lose 120 lbs In One Year

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

Before I began my weight-loss journey my life was about food. I loved food so much that it was the one thing that I was thinking about all the time. I would sit down for a meal (which was normally fast food) and eat a large Big Mac meal with extra sauce, and another sandwich or two.  A double cheeseburger was just a snack!   This was my life.

I would start my day with three donuts and a big glass of chocolate milk or huge bottle of soda. I didn’t care about anything in my life but eating. I thought food was my happiness. I felt like without it in my life I would not be happy.

In January 2013, my life changed.

I saw an ad for Body By Design and I knew that was exactly what I needed. It was tough at first, but by doing the boot camps I started to see the pounds shed off.

By October I was getting very close to 100 pounds lost, so I decided I needed a little bit more help. That’s when I asked Carly to be my trainer. I told her I wanted to reach the 100 pounds lost mark by Thanksgiving, which kind of seemed like a lot. But with Carly’s push and support I made it! 

Now that I have been with Body By Design for a year, I’ve lost over 120 pounds! 

My journey has not always been perfect but had not been for Carly and the Body By Design team I would not be where I am today!  They are always there for you!

Want to make weight-loss one of your goals this year? Start by signing up for a free week of classes and personal training session.

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