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How I Went From 300lbs To Jumping A 24in Box At 52 Years Old

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

My journey started in December 2013, when I realized that I was one double cheeseburger away from 300 pounds. That is when I decided to take control my weight.

I was told by a friend about Body By Design and all of their success stories. I checked it out and decided to sign up where I started with my personal trainer, Alex.

He took a 52 year old man, that was uncoordinated and not very athletic (aka the last kid to be picked in gym class) to being able to do 55 pushups in 2 minutes and jumping on a 24 inch box!

We accomplished this all while dealing with some of my previous injuries (such as arthritic knees and a torn rotator cuff) in six months, and we're not finished yet!

Bottom line, if you are willing to be dedicated and put in the work, Body By Design and Alex can and will help you reach all of your goals while keeping you motivated and enjoying your progress.

What's your excuse for not getting in shape? Be stronger than your excuses and decide today that you'll transform your life. The transformation process begins with a free 7 day trial that includes a free personal training session. Book yours now.

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