• Clark Varin

I Beat Cancer At 74 Because of BBD!

Wayne is a 74 year old man who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last year.

Before the doctors would perform surgery, Wayne needed to pack on some weight and muscle to give himself a better chance of recovering.

He came to Body By Design and trained with Joey for 3 months before the surgery and they not only stopped the weight loss he was battling, but actually put on 10 pounds.

Three months later he underwent surgery, chemo and radiation.  His recovery was one of the quickest the doctors had ever seen. Wayne came back to us cancer free a few months ago with neuropathy in his hands and feet from the chemo and extremely weak and regressed.

Wayne was determined to build back his lean muscle, put on some healthy weight and feel empowered again. Wayne is now training with Ryan 3x per week building back strength, endurance and stamina.

He could barely hold up his own weight four months ago and is now leg pressing 120 lbs. If Wayne isn't inspirational and doesn't motivate you to take back your life and your health what will?!

- Wayne L, 74

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