• Clark Varin

I Feel Like I'm Achieving the Impossible At Body By Design

I have been a sucker for the fad diets and workout videos that suck people in with promises of “guaranteed results” or it’s “so easy anyone can do it”.

It gets frustrating to fail so many times when it comes to getting healthy. My dad wasn’t always the best at taking care of himself and he passed way too young because of it. I always vowed I would do my best to stay healthy so the same didn’t happen to me.

I knew that if I really wanted to make a change that I would have to find someone to help me. I found BBD online and after reading the reviews, it seemed like a place that could work for me.

One thing that is hard for me is that I have a very hectic life. I have work and school and as everyone does family that play a big role in my life. So, timing has always been a problem.

At BBD they offer such a variety of class times that I can usually make anything fit into my schedule. In addition to the classes I do personal training sessions. I am so grateful for my trainer Grabiel.

He pushes me every single session and I have accomplished things I never thought possible.

I’ve been at BBD for a little over 3 months and I am down almost 20lbs, I eat healthier, I have gained muscle (which I have never had before) and I have a ton more energy.

I complained the first time he made me do a box jump and just recently I cleared two of the big tires! We are constantly setting new goals and crushing the old ones. He makes me ignore the voice in my head that tells me I can’t do and it’s a great feeling!

The accountability, the knowledge of the entire staff, the gym family are just a few of the things that make this place so great. I finally found something that works for me and that I would never go back!”

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