• Clark Varin

I Hit My High School Weight Just In Time For My 20th Class Reunion!

I started at Body By Design in September 2013. Prior to that, I had been using my treadmill at home religiously since January 2013. I joined the boot camps using a Groupon to see if this was something I would like or keep up with. I loved it!

It was hard, but I had results in the first month, so I joined. I was looking to get into better shape to keep up with my kids and not be so tired all the time.

I had done some blood work we had to do for work, and was totally healthy, but the outreach nurse said if I didn't make changes now, that would change. Having 2 little kids, that was my incentive. That still keeps me motivated.

I was also motivated to reach my high school weight before my 20th class reunion. I'm happy to say I made the weight BEFORE that reunion last fall!

My new goal is my drivers license weight from when I was 16!  I'm also motivated to improve so my trainer Taylor doesn't yell at all (not really!! :) )

Working with Taylor is great and I never thought that I LIKE going to the gym.  Since I've joined I'm down 50 pounds and 85 pounds total since I started my journey."

- Tammy S, 37

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