• Clark Varin

I'm 65lbs Lighter, but I Feel 1,000x Better!

When I signed up for 6 months membership at Body by Design late 2016, I honestly did not expect much and thought I was going to hear a very nicely tailored sales pitch to keep me as a client.

I selected Justin as a personal trainer based solely on the bio information provided on the BBD website. Two months in, I realized I was very wrong in my skepticism as this was no sales pitch by any means - the gym as an establishment and the trainers are hardcore dedicated individuals who are extremely pleasant to interact with. They're highly ethical and very committed to their clients and most importantly to their craft.

I signed up end of December 2016 at well over 200 lbs, sick, fatigued, depressed and unable to move easily due to a recent surgery.

Justin was and continues to be an exceptional trainer who transformed my body and mind in such a positive way and taught me the connection between the two.

Thanks to Justin and the rest of the team I am 65 lbs lighter and feeling 1000 times better than I did when I started.

I am not someone for grandiose or exaggerated sentiments - Justin and the rest of this amazing team are outstanding and exceptional in every way and worth the investment of your time and money.

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