• Clark Varin

I Used To Weight 279, Now I Run Races

In March of 2011 my best friend did something brave; he told me that I was overweight, depressed and he wasn't going to stand by and let me be this way. I was mad that he confronted me but after a while I realized he was right.

In the past 5 years my health had taken a backseat; in 2006 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, 2009 I found a blood clot in my knee and in November of 2010 I was in a car crash. But I had enough. I wasn't going to let my adversity control me. 

The next day (after my friend left) I found Joey.  That's when my life changed. I was scared. I weighed 279 and I was turning 40 in October.

I had all these goals and no motivation to get there but having Joey there helped me push past my fears.

Now I run races and have motivated my family to do them with me.  As of today I have lost 64 lbs; 7.5" off my chest and hips, 9.5" off my waist and reduced my body fat by 9.4%.  My journey isn't over. My goal is to lose 100-lbs and I WILL get there!”

- Tiffany B, 41

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