• Clark Varin

In One Week I Was Addicted To The Ever-Changing Workouts

I am stronger at 41 than I was at 31.

In July 2015 I purchased a one month unlimited boot camp Groupon to Body by Design in hopes of losing a few pounds quickly by trying something new. By the end of the week I found myself addicted to the ever-changing workouts.

The trainers were extremely supportive and greeted me by name before the end of that first week. With the encouragement of the staff, I began running 5Ks in October 2015, 10Ks in February 2016, and my first half-marathon (at age 40) in May 2016.

I suffered from a herniated disc (unrelated to BBD) soon after. My journey became about getting stronger rather than losing weight (now the weight loss is just a happy side-effect).

The BBD trainers bent backwards to accommodate my injuries including planning movements that I could do during boot camps that would not further aggravate my injury.

When I chose to take a 2-month break, my amazing trainer Jake called/texted weekly with encouragement and concern. When I came back to training, he suggested working with my physical therapist to further strengthen my core as well as my back. The story goes on and it's long.  In short I can always count on:

  • Jake to plan ambitious PT sessions--he knows I can do it even when I doubt myself. He works within the parameters of my injury but knows that I'm more capable than I sometimes think.

  • Joey to help with my balance knowing I have a weak leg to due my herniated disc.

  • Kat to hand a 20lb weight to me when I only grab a 15, because she knows I can do more.

  • Grab to encourage me to do movements that I have never done before.

  • And my fellow clients to provide the fun, encourage each other, and invite everyone to compete in runs as well as obstacle challenges.

And finally to my awesome husband who supports me in it all.

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