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Updated: May 29, 2020

Janelle’s approach to nutrition is individual. “There is no way of eating that is right for everyone. Eating also changes in seasons. For example, the nutrition and calories you had for pregnancy will not be the same amount needed post pregnancy with an uptick in training.”

Janelle will be offering health coaching packages for Body by Design. She will be taking clients on a first come, first serve basis and has a limited amount of spots. There are different packages that will be available.

Focusing on nutrition: What would 4 weeks of working with Janelle include? -Customized Macros w/Updates -Finding What Food Works Well for You -Weekly 30 Minute Phone Check-In -Curated Information -Observation Tracker -Ability to Text Janelle Questions -Saturday Email Picture Check-In

Clients Are Required To: -Weigh & Track Macros -Check-In Weekly by Phone & Email -Be Ready & Open to Learning

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