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JOEY ALCARAZ, Personal Trainer & Boot Camp Coach, Muskego

Updated: May 29, 2020

Joey is an Expert Rating-certified Personal Trainer who has worked at Body by Design for 4 years (and counting!). At Body by Design, he focuses on core, movement, and skills training.

He specializes on soccer training and skills development to improve athleticism. He also played college soccer for ISU/Concordia/HCC and coached for FC Wisconsin U12-16 boys. What motivates him is seeing everyone’s drive to achieve their fitness goals. Not only is he motivated to help others achieve their goals, but also to become a better trainer! He enjoys everyone's smile when they finish a workout or accomplish a goal that took them a while to get there.

Fun fact about Joey: one of his favorite songs is Thunderstruck by ACDC. If you want to know why, stop by and ask him! 😊

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