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Lost 9 Pounds In the First Week - Annie O. (26)

Like so many people who struggled with their weight, I was once a varsity athlete who was in excellent shape and was able to eat pretty much anything and never see the effects of it. What separated me from the rest of ‘those’ people was how I saw myself and what I heard in my head. I never realized that my way of thinking about body image was abnormal until I started college and was surrounded by young women who were all so confident with themselves and loved their bodies just the way they were.

They weren’t obsessing over what looked good and what didn’t and they didn’t have the same intrusive negative thoughts I did day in and day out. This never ending cycle of thinking only brought on anxiety and I would cope with, you guessed it, food!

I knew that if I was going to learn how to love being in my own skin, I had to start by liking what I saw in the mirror. That’s what brought me to Body by Design.

In January 2015, I was so sick and tired of feeling so unhealthy and hating what I looked like.  After meeting with Joey and seeing what Body by Design was all about, I felt like I was finally in the right spot. I was not going to let anything stop me. At my heaviest, I was 218 pounds and I couldn’t believe it had gotten that out of hand, especially when only a few years earlier I was in the 160 range. I set a goal of 50 pounds and after I met my trainer Carly, I no longer doubted myself in reaching that goal.

My workouts with Carly are different every time and they challenge me in the best way. She gives me the confidence and feeling that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

In my first week with Carly and with the help of Sam’s boot camps, I lost nine pounds.

I honestly thought something was wrong with the scale! The motivation that gave me continues to get me through my workouts to this day. She always knows exactly what to say to help me dig really deep down and power through the most intense workouts when all I want to do is quit.

In 6 months I lost 25 pounds and I’m still going! I’ve noticed less joint pain, more energy, less time wasted being sick and an overall happier attitude.

I love the trainers and the BBD members. Having other people around you to support your journey can make all the difference. Carly, Sam, Ryan and all of the trainers at BBD are amazing and they are there for the same reason; to help their clients be the absolute best versions of themselves that they can possibly be."

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