• Clark Varin

Me, My Daughter, And My Best Friend All Go Here Now!

I originally started at BBD through the groupon. A group of us were traveling together and wanted to get into some shape prior and thought we would check it out. All of us became members.

I did leave for a bit because my work and child’s swim schedule didn’t jive with the hours the boot camps were available but after some begging and with the new ownership, Jake granted my wish of 5am classes!! (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one bugging him) So of course now I HAD to rejoin and so glad I did. 

Having a gym that you can go to and feel a part of a group is motivating and the environment is non-judgmental. The 5am group is small but awesome and we have so much fun that early in the morning, I’m guessing we are all still punch drunk from lack of sleep. I’ve made some new friends in these classes and have grown to LOVE kickboxing class. My biggest thank you is to the trainers.

When people ask me why I went back and enjoy BBD I explain that the trainers do all the prep work for you. You just have to show up and put in the effort.

When I walk into other gyms it’s almost all on me and that’s not likely going to happen, I know myself pretty well. The trainers at BBD are very energetic, friendly and work within your abilities to get you to that next level.

My head and heart are still working on ramping up my workouts to five days a week. This may happen sooner than later because now my daughter has started personal training with Joey twice a week. I may be as nuts as Stephania and do two a day workouts since I’ll have to drive my child to BBD in the evenings.  I’m also thankful that my best friend has joined. Although we don’t always work out at the same time I am always thrilled to see her there with me. She is one of the funniest people I know and I love partnering up with her. Lastly I am thankful that the trainers are willing to work with the young athletes in our community. They are an underserved population too often not coached in proper exercise mechanics or stretching.

I’ve watched as some of our athletes have dedicated time with BBD outside of school and sports to increase their performance, get stronger and stay healthier. I wanted my daughter to take advantage of this and take a break from club swim for the winter season to switch it up a bit. Joey was more than happy to take her on for personal training. I know she will be thankful for Joey, I’ve told her he likes to dance and she’s ready to teach and learn new moves.   Honestly though I am grateful that BBD is in my backyard, that more and more cool people join each day and that the trainers keep rocking it!!

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