• Clark Varin

My Doctor Says I'm the Healthiest I've Been in 14 Years!

My goal was to lose some weight, improve my health and feel and look better overall. In the 10 weeks since I joined I have lost 9 pounds and 6 inches overall. While 9 pounds may not seem like much to some, I am an insulin dependent diabetic (Type I) which makes losing weight several time harder than a normal person.

More importantly I recently received my quarterly blood test results from my physician and the ratings were the best I have EVER had! 

My hemoglobin A1C result (measurement of your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months) was 6.6, which was down from 7.6 at my previous test. This is the first time I have been below 7 (6 is recommended) since I was diagnosed in 1999!  In addition my cholesterol lowered by 41 points well into the safe zone, both HDL and LDL are well within the desired limits.  

Today I feel better physically and mentally.

Body by Design not only gave us the jump start I needed to get in shape, they gave me the fitness and nutritional tools I needed to continue my journey of health and fitness.

-Dave F, 49

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