• Clark Varin

My Trainer Is Exactly What I Needed In My Life. Absolutely No Excuses.

In 2008 I graduated High School as a varsity athlete weighing 175 lbs. Instead of pursuing a soccer career at the University of Wisconsin I chose to go to the University of Missouri to begin focusing more on Business.

It was the first time in my life I was not on an organized team of any kind and I really struggled with holding myself accountable to stay in shape. By the time I graduated college in 2012 I weighed 210 lbs. In August of 2014 I weighed 230 lbs. My weight and fitness had spiraled out of control and that's when I came in to Body By Design.

My trainer Ryan has been exactly what I needed in my life. In the gym he's incredibly motivating and pushes me each and every workout without letting me get away with anything. Absolutely no excuses.

I hear a lot of personal trainers at other gyms claim they will tailor their workout to each individual client but that turns out to be not true. Ryan talks to me about specifics I want to improve on which is a big deal to me.

Another key component to my positive experience at Body By Design is Ryan's focus towards my lifestyle outside of the gym.  We talk about my diet constantly and he coaches me on how to handle different situations.

Body By Design has changed my life and I can't thank Ryan and the rest of the staff enough.

Everyone is so positive and fun to be around.  The environment in the gym makes it so easy to work out and stay motivated.  I can thank you guys enough!"

- Packy, 25

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