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Samantha Link - Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Coach, Yoga Instructor

I aspire to a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle, which fuels my drive for purity and a true sense of self-satisfaction. I apply these traits to my training and teaching of Yoga.

My aim is to help individuals not only reach their fitness goals but also to exceed personal goals involving the body and mind.

I believe that finding one’s inner self is possible by living an active, healthy and balanced life. 

Exercise provides all individuals with an increased natural endorphin level. Improving your fitness level is essential to moving in the right direction and my workouts focus on exactly that.

Maximizing your strength, flexibility, balance, body tone, and cardio fitness, will produce a feeling of mental clarity that will help in all aspects of life.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a degree in Journalism, emphasis in writing/editing and a minor in political science."

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