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The First Step You Have To Take To Transform Your Body

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

Our ReDesignU Transformation Program has become the gold standard for weight loss and muscle growth. There isn’t a single other gym in Wisconsin that is doing what we are doing at Body By Design and it’s why no other gym has been able to duplicate the same results that we’ve been able to pump out.

Part of the reason for our success is because we create an astounding level of clarity for our clients to understand what it will take to get you from here to there.

When you initially sign up for our ReDesignU Transformation Program, we will start by measuring your body’s composition on our medical grade body composition analysis machine. This give us an idea of where you can lose fat and gain muscle.

With this data and with our knowledge about training and dieting we are able to put together your Blueprint (aka your roadmap to success).

Your Blueprint will give you absolute clarity around what it will take for you to achieve your goals. It will tell you what you need to eat, what exercises you need to do, which of our classes should you attend, and how you should be working out when you’re at home.

Without a Blueprint for success, you aren’t able to see the road to where you’re going and without being able to see the path from here to there, you will never get there.

The Blueprint is a success plan offered exclusively for members that enroll in our ReDesignU Transformation Program. Find out what the program is like by enrolling in a free 7 day trial and personal training session.

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