• Clark Varin

This Is Why I'm T.H.A.N.K.F.U.L. For Body By Design

Here is why I am so very THANKFUL for Joey and BBD:

T - That little voice in my head that keeps saying "Come on girl - you got this!" and "Give me 2 more."

H - Hands down the most interesting and creative workouts - never know what's coming up next keeps me on my toes (or heels) and keeps me motivated!

A - All the support...all the time...from all the trainers, staff, and clients...BBD is the greatest!

N - New lifestyle changes means I am LOVING and LIVING my life!

K - Kickboxing is AWESOME!

F - Fun times at the Think Pink 5K and Bootcamp! Can't wait to try more events in the future!

U - Ultimately has helped me crush every goal so far! 60+ lbs in 10 months...feeling stronger and leaner every week!

L - Lunges for days now! Couldn't do a single one when I started. Look how far I've come!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Joey and everyone at BBD. I am so truly blessed to have you in my life! ❤️

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