• Clark Varin

What Really Drives Me Is Seeing the New Members' Journeys

I’ve been on a journey here at BBD for a while now... it’s been a great journey! Personally I’ve completely changed myself outside and inside is always a work in progress!

Why do I stay at BBD? There’s the obvious answers:

  • I feel better

  • I’m doing things I never expected I would be able to do

  • I have completed more 5K runs and three obstacle runs in just this year than ever in my life?!!

  • Oh and the people (trainers and everyday clients) are amazing!

But that isn’t what really drives me... I’ve actually enjoyed watching and experiencing people’s journeys.

I’ve watched many of you that walk in day one for Bootcamp a little nervous, quiet, unsure and probably a tad scared? Then I watch you as the little things; maybe a lunge, a burpee, a pull up... they become something you absolutely CRUSH!!

The joy, the smiles that come across you face after that moment? Those are the priceless moments and that’s why I love Body By Design.

Together (I mean trainers and clients) we can overcome anything!!!


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